03 . 2023

A seed is a prayer embodied.
Rowen White.

Our debut collection Seeds meditates on how we, as a migrating species, have carried seeds with us to new lands. Hidden away in pockets, sewn into clothing, woven into hair, seeds have been safeguarded despite all odds. Seeds are our ancestral heritage, connecting us to land and history, and the creativity and resilience of those who have come before us.

The jewelry in this small capsule, in buttery 22kt and 18kt gold, features a series of seed charms and seed amulets, styles with hidden chambers to hide away. Each piece in this collection is crafted by hand using traditional metalwork techniques.

A portion of the proceeds with be passed forward to a seed bank and community farming project for refugees in the U.S.

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To safeguard seeds along your journey –

To know our future is rooted in our past -

To take flight -

To crack and to open -

To honor the resilience of seeds – how they link us to the land and each other -