Meet the Makers

Iaia jewels are made by a network of master craftsmen across the world. All of our pieces are made by-hand, using heritage techniques. Our goal is to revitalize dying craft traditions around the world, re-linking ancient trade routes that have existed since antiquity, but have been broken due to war, colonization, and mass-production.


Dayal specializes in small-scale, highly detailed goldwork at the Gem Palace. He works with kindness and an inspiring dedication. Originally from Kolkata, he now lives in Jaipur’s Old City with his two sons.


Harish has been a goldsmith for the past 25 years. He is the first in his family to become a jeweler, as his forefathers had been in the garment industry. Harish lives and works in a home workshop in a village outside of Bikaner, Rajasthan.


Mehraj has been a stonecutter for the past 23 years, working out of the Gem Palace’s Jaipur workshops, where his father worked as a stonecutter before him. He cuts every stone seed by hand, constantly reapplying glue to his nails and fingers to protect them from the filing machine.